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Make love not war +18 : ngắm hoa bắt bướm mần tình , cấm trẻ em dưới 18t

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An interesting setting for a blowjob. ;]

An interesting setting for a blowjob. ;]

Sometimes I just like to reach in and grab him. ;]

Sometimes I just like to

I love it when he makes my mouth go wide open. ;] Reminds me of last night, when I was supposed to be reading a book aloud to him and then he started licking my ear and I started to have trouble reading the book. >.<

I love it when

It’s almost our anniversary in like 9 days, and we’re certainly going to have fun. ;]

It’s almost

Shall I lay in bed and wait for you? ;]

Shall I

Mhmmm, now that is sexy. ;]

Mhmmm, now that is sexy. ;]

Shower sex can be quite amazing. ;]

Shower sex can be quite amazing. ;]

I think he looks so hot in his tight briefs. ;]

I think

Oh how I love having him spend the night with me.<3 


Right here, right now. ;]

Right here, right now. ;]

Sometimes he just likes to watch me sleep. >.<


I love it when we’re kissing and he plays with me at the same time. ;]

I love it

I love wearing his clothes.<3

She  love wearing his clothes

My favorite bra is my lacy one. ;]

My favorite

Most people have sex in the dark but we mostly have it in the daytime when we can see each other clearly. >.<

Most people have sex in the dark but

First we shall makeout underwater and then it shall lead to sex underwater. ;]


Sometimes it just feels so good that you actually have to clutch onto something. ;]

He’s mines and only mines to hold forever. >.< <3

Sex in a car? Done that already. ;]

Sex in a car? Done that already. ;]

He always makes my nipples super hard. ;]

It’s even hotter when he’s only half naked. ;]

It’s even hotter when only half naked. ;

I would never stand in a fire in the nude let alone with clothes on. o.O I can literally say that, that looks hot though. ;]

I love it when he spoons me.<3

I love spoons

He was doing this exact same thing to me this morning. ;] He couldn’t have enough. >.<

This is true.<3

Shall we proceed? ;]

In the kitchen. ;]

In the kitchen. ;]

We need a picture of ourselves like this. ;]

Do you need a picture like this. ;]

Let’s go in the pool hun. ;]

Now that looks sexy. ;]

One day we shall go skinny dipping together which just might possibly lead to sex. ;]

I love waking up knowing you’re right there in the morning.<3

He loves squeezing my ass when he’s inside me because then I squeeze so much tighter. ;]

The other day he started off with giving me oral and then he ended up licking my entire body. ;] I felt tingly all over. >.<

I trust him to never let me fall.<3

He loves staring at my body. ;]

This is actually my favorite position.<3

Now this is a great way to have even more fun sex in the dark. ;]

We went to the beach on Saturday. We were going to have sex on the beach that night but too many people. =_______= Also, he didn’t want to do it knowing it was planned. We’ll just do it when the time is right. We’ve got all summer. ;]

Sometimes he has me do the exact same thing with my feet except they’re not crossed like hers is. He has me do it so I can stop him from going to wild and fast when I don’t want him to. >.<

Never have sex on a white couch while on your period. Not unless you want to have a lot of explaining to do. =______= Not that I ever have or not that I even own a white couch. In fact, just don’t even bother owning a white couch. XD

It wasn’t that long ago that we steamed up his car so much we had to have the car door open. ;]

Sex in the rain please. ;]

Sex in the rain

Being on top can be quite fun. ;]

I sometimes like to lick his face. ;]

Let’s take a bubble bath together hun. ;]

Oral always equals yes. ;]

I love it when we just cuddle afterwards.<3

He loves it when I arch my back during sex. ;]

This picture is so cool and hot at the same time if you know what I mean. >.<

This picture is so cool

Well this looks like fun. ;] Just don’t get any sand down there. >.<

I love it when he touches me all over the place. ;]

Sex on the hood of a car. ;]

Turns out he never had sex on the beach. He’s only had foreplay in the ocean. We should take a little trip to the beach sometime soon. ;]

May 02, 2011

Went camping Thursday night with a campfire by the river and everything. No tent. Just me, him, a blanket, a pillow and our campfire. ;]

Who’s had sex in the grass before? ;] I’m wondering how my new boyfriend would feel about having sex in all the places I have with my ex? XDDownside of sex on the beach, all that sand. =_____=

Sex underwater. ;]

I had to fix my bed the last time we had sex on the bed because everything got messed up from the bed sheets coming off and just everything in general. >.<

Awww, he has a bulge. ;]

Sex is when two bodies become one. 

Do you prefer to be on top or down under? ;]

We had really intense sex yesterday which lasted for a few hours. ;] He made me growl a lot and I scratched his back so hard I was worried I might have made him bleed. >.<

Sex on a plane anyone? ;]

Sex on a plane anyone? ;]

Saw him again for the first time yesterday in exactly a week. It seemed like forever. =[ We talked on the phone practically everyday though. He moved last Sunday so sorry if I haven’t been on in a while. A basic breakdown of yesterday would be sex, video games, and food. In that order and some cuddling in between. >.<

I could really use something like this. >.<

I wouldn’t mind having an outfit like this. ;]

It feels so good when he’s in all the way. ;]

That looks like some pretty hot pool sex. ;]

Smaller bathtub only means that you get to be that much closer together. ;]

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  1. Tuyệt, phải nói là quá tuyệt

  2. Nghệ thuật đích thực, ddue cả Chân – Thiện – Mỹ

  3. Bạn Tinh Tế lắm heheheh

  4. noi het da ga’

  5. Tuy đây là vấn đề tế nhị nhưng bức ảnh lại mang tính nghệ thuật nói chung em…no comment ^^

  6. wow quá đỉnh – nghệ thuật nên không hề có sự phản cảm hay hở hớ hênh

  7. làm tình là sự hòa quyện của thân xác. Đây chính là một nghệ thuật mà không phải ai cũng biết và đạt được

  8. Không hề thấy tục tĩu…có lẽ là nghệ thuật….

  9. phải thốt lên rằng thật sự rất ART 🙂

  10. tội thằng chụp ảnh =))

  11. artistic sex 🙂

  12. nhiều bức khiến ng xem bị lệch lạc suy nghĩ sang thể loại hình khiêu dâm rồi
    còn sex art nó cũng có 1 giới hạn tinh tế và tế nhị nào đó 🙂

    • Sex vốn dĩ cũng là môt nghệ thuật chứ nhỉ? Hay chí ít là bản thân tớ nghĩ thế. Nhạy cảm và vô cùng nghệ thuật. Những bức ảnh rất đẹp, thật sự đẹp.

  13. Huyền Trần

    hay lắm 😀

  14. Gút gút gút

  15. Rất nghệ thuật. Chiều sâu của cảm xúc lấn áp sự dâm dục. Thanks

  16. đâu ra những tấm hình cool thế …tuyệt

  17. cang ve sau cang no’ng…

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  19. làm tình là nghệ thuật tuyệt vời để nuôi dưỡng tình yêu.

  20. Những hình quá tuyệt vời!


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